Hosts: Rules

1: Check Calendar and Drafts

Make sure you have an open date. Do not schedule an event at the same time as an event being planned by another organizer.

Look at the Drafts and the Calendar to find a free date.

2: Descriptive Titles

Write a clear descriptive title. Adding the name of the coffee place, neighborhood and maybe even the day of the week lets the members know at a glance if the event will be of interest to them.

GOOD: Sunday Coffee Explorer: Honor Coffee & Tea (SOUTH LAKE UNION)

BAD: Afternoon Coffee

3: Set RSVP Limit

Always set an RSVP Limit, use the Wait-list and do not allow the guest option.

We need to be respectful of coffee shops and set limits on the number of members for every event. Also Meetups events with RSVP limits get a higher percent turnout.

4: Announce When Finished

Do not go live with an event until all the details are finalized. Meetup members get too many emails already. Sending multiple emails for a single event will annoy the majority of members and might cause a few to leave the group.

5: Show Up On Time


6: If You Have to Cancel...

And if you need to cancel, reach out to the organizer first and we will try and find a replacement host first.

Additional Tips

For more ideas visit our Hosts: Tips page.