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Members: Being Awesome

1: Honor Your RSVP

Only RSVP YES for events you plan on intending. If you are a MAYBE, RSVP NO so you aren't holding a slot from another member. If the event is time-sensitive, please show up on time. If your plans change, UPDATE your RSVP. If you can't make it, there is no need to leave a comment. We don't care why you can't make it. We also have a No Show Policy. Do not rely on Meetup sending you a reminder. This especially includes those on the WAITING LIST for an event. Adding events to your calendar is your responsibility.

2: Please Use a Real Photo

The Coffee Club is a social group and having a portrait photo will increase the chances that other members will remember your name and establish friendships. There are legitimate privacy reasons for not using a real photo, so you are free to use whatever picture you want, but it is highly recommended that you use a real photo of yourself. Every profile is required to have a photo for their profile.

3: Keep Event Comments Specific to that Event

Whenever a comment is left for an event, everyone that has RSVP'd to that event receives an email. So make sure your comment is relevant. Otherwise, members will stop reading their emails and make important event communication more difficult. Please don't leave comments on why you can or can't attend. Comments not specific to the Event may be deleted by the Organizer or Event Host.
Do not leave comments promoting another event. Doing this is disrespectful to our hosts. Your comment will be deleted and you may be removed from the group.

4: When Taking Photos

Some people do not want their picture taken and uploaded to the site. Please be respectful and don't push people into photos against their will. If anyone has a photo taken of them that they would like removed from the Meetup site, send the organizer an email along with a link to the photo and it will be taken down without question. Never TAG anyone other than yourself in photos. This request extends to Facebook and other social networks.

5: Ease up on the Perfume and Cologne

Strong odors from perfumes and colognes interfere with the enjoyment of coffee. Please refrain from wearing, especially during coffee cupping and tasting events.

6: We are Kid Friendly

Occasionally a parent will want to know if it is OK to bring their child or infant. Yes. We are a kid-friendly group. In fact, some coffee shops in Seattle have child play areas (Ballard Coffee Works, Royal Drummer).

7: We are ESL Friendly

Although we are not specifically an English as a Second Language group, we welcome ESL students. Since our group started in 2006, we have had many members from all over the world that have joined us for coffee.

8: Bring Cash for Road Trips

A few times a year we will do Road Trip events and carpool. Bring cash to help the driver pay for fuel. Small bills work best, as the driver is not likely to have change.

9: This is NOT Yelp

Please don't leave negative or insulting reviews of coffee shops in the event comments. This group maintains positive relationships with over 100 local coffee places. Our mission is educational and social. Comments deemed insulting to our hosts will be deleted.

10: Do not SPAM or Send Inappropriate Messages to Members

It is not cool to join Coffee Club as a way to access our member list to promote other groups. If you feel your group or event matches our mission of local specialty coffee, reach out to the organizer first.

11: No Harassment

There is zero tolerance for harassment. Failure to respect this rule will result in a group ban.


Tip your barista and bus your table before leaving the coffee shop.